General concepts for building templates
Document builder
The environment in which the documents/templates are created.
List of all steps and fields, is on the left side of a template.
An if/then condition. If X, then Y
To dynamically create a document, mustaches {{ }} are used. To make a field editable in the text, the name of the field must be covered by two mustaches on both sides: {{ field }}. Without mustaches, the fields are not usable.
A symbol that is used with variables to perform various functions. Think of arithmetic or logical functions. The most commonly used operators are explained below:
Arithmetic operators
  • + Add
  • - Subtract
  • * Multiply
  • / Divide
Comparison operators
  • == is equal to
  • != is not equal to
  • > is greater than
  • < is smaller than
  • >= is greater than or > equal to
  • <= is smaller than or > equal to
Logical operators
  • && AND ("and")
  • || OR ("or")
  • ! NOT ("not")
String operators
With the plus symbol (+), we can combine two strings.
For example: text1 = "Two strings " text2 = "combined" text3 = text1 + text2
The content of variable text 3 is now: "Two strings combined".
Term for making pieces of text in a template dynamic.
A template is a digitized document.
The text is understood to mean the text of a template and is to the right of the form.
The user is understood to mean the end user of the software.
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