The name and description are returned when fetching a list of all templates. The name is also shown in the template overview.

Resource Identifier

The template may be specified by its id, which automatically generated, or by the reference which is specified in the Resource Identifier field. Each template must have a unique reference. You can swap the reference from one template to another (unlike an id).


The locale specifies the number and date formatting and typically should match the document language. Currently only Dutch and English are supported.

You can transform a date or number to the locale by using: x.localeDateFormat() and x.localeNumberFormat()


A single font is used throughout the document. Any font that's available through Google fonts may be selected.

Use one of the header / footers you as described in#FillTheDoc UI. (when generating the PDF)

Note that the header and footer are not displayed when filling out the form or when getting the document as HTML.

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